Humanitarian Partnership Agreement – saving lives through collective action

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The predecessor to the Australian Humanitarian Partnership (AHP), the Humanitarian Partnership Agreement (HPA) ran from 2011 – 2017, and was the Australian Government’s primary mechanism for providing humanitarian and emergency response funding to Australian non-government organisations (NGOs). The HPA brought together the Australian Government and six Australian NGOs: (CARE Australia, Caritas Australia, Oxfam Australia, Plan International Australia, Save the Children Australia and World Vision Australia).

The Partnership was been guided by three key pillars: 

  • Enable a rapid and coordinated response to humanitarian needs to countries affected by crisis,
  • foster community resilience through disaster risk reduction (DDR) and disaster risk management (DRM) activities to build the capacity and preparedness of communities and
  • strengthen the strategic humanitarian partnership between these organisations and the Australian Government.
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The HPA transformed the way the Australian humanitarian NGO sector responds to disasters. This document, Humanitarian Partnership Agreement - Saving lives through collective action, six years of achievement, provides a summary of the progress made by the Australian Government and its NGO partners in achieving the aims of the HPA. 

Authors: Peter Chamberlain, Pip Henty, and Beth Eggleston from the Humanitarian Advisory Group (HAG). 
Date of report launch: June 2017
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Clare Price