The Grand Bargain - a shared commitment to better serve people in need

The Australian Government is a signatory to the World Humanitarian Summit's Grand Bargain, an agreement between more than 30 of the biggest donors and aid providers, which aims to get more means into the hands of people in need.

The Grand Bargain is about harnessing the vast experience and expertise from across the humanitarian ecosystem and bringing it into a realignment which is better prepared for tackling the emergency needs of more than 125 million people, fully recognising the diverse needs defined by their age, gender and abilities.

Its purpose is to ensure that we are able to anticipate and prepare for crises, that we can deliver protection and assistance better to the most vulnerable and that we can restore opportunity and dignity to them. The Grand Bargain recognises that, faced with the reality of our woefully underresourced humanitarian response, the status quo is no longer an option. We have to do much more far better. We need to find and create efficiency - while also doing more to shrink overall needs and deepen the resource base for funding humanitarian action.

Above all, the Grand Bargain is about the need to work together efficiently, transparently and harmoniously with new and existing partners, including the private sector, individuals and nontraditional sources of funding. This requires us to innovate, collaborate and adapt mind-sets.

Published: 22 May 2016. 
Read the full Grand Bargain document. 

Clare Price